Career Management




The Career Management Program  was designed by Pascal Faucon for  Universities , Business Schools or Engineering Schools.  The program provides full job search assistance to the international students who wish to increase their professional horizons.  The program is in English or French. This program is part of the CNAM-IIM Master in Management (MIM).
Pascal Faucon International Institute of Management Cnam


Career Management : Course description

The Career Management course aims at providing the participants with the background information, best practices overview and tools to successfully initiate/pursue their professional career. The program includes the following objectives :

Part I:

  • Adapt your professional project to the local and international job market
  • Restrictions and opportunities related to the visa policies
  • Adapt your personal marketing (CV, LinkedIn profile) for your targeted destination
  • Get job offers from international and local companies
  • Enhance your network of international recruiters
  • Adapt your approach to get interviews
  • Prepare your recruitment meetings

Part II:

  • Prepare your interviews
  • Give value to your application
  • Adapt your interview strategy according to the recruiter profile
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors by your professionalism
  • Be recruited


Pedagogical approach

The Career management program will be organized in three successive parts :

  • Review of the international job market
  • International recruiter‚Äôs expectations
  • Job research process and recruitment process
  • Personal feedback as a recruiter

Video Tutorials

Each step of the program includes a video tutorial to support each student. The tutorial provides :

  • Practical instructions to complete the goals of each tutorial
  • Examples

Personal evaluation
Each tutorial requires 1:00 to 3:00 of personal work
Personal Follow-up
Each step of the program includes personal coaching

  • For each step of the program :
  • Tutorial presentation
  • Best practices and feedback

Schedule per student

  • Courses :5H
  • Workshop : 8H¬†
  • Debriefing : 1H¬†
  • Personal follow up


Contact : Pascal Faucon