Personal Marketing and Career Management

By Pascal Faucon

«Personal Marketing and Career Management»

Ying QI Feedback
Ancien étudiant du CNAM en France
Last week, I had a chat with a senior civil-servant in the North of China. She works in a provincial government and monitors around 400 local companies. As she is going to take her retirement, she begins to worry about what she could do after. As she joked, “ I help my colleagues to get different kinds of certifications to make them titled specialists or professors. When they get retired, they could be invited to work for companies as they are expert certified, but what could I do? Management is not certified here.”

To some extent, it makes sense as I don’t see a Blackbelt Certification or Six Sigma Certification for managers!

People might say that, “ you are going to be retired and then what you should consider about is how to enjoy your retirement life, not how to continue to work.” But do you think to be retired at 55 with good health condition and abundant social resources is a waste?

It is clear that she has the same career development puzzle at her 50s as the current youth. People at her age have the same problem as, between 1949-1995, the Chinese government used to place them into different governmental positions when they graduated from an university or terminated their military service.

How to avoid the problem to come again for the current youth ?

At the age of internet, information passes more effective online than mouth-to-mouth. It would be a good initiative to keep on doing a Personal Marketing online for a lifelong time.

How to effectively present oneself online? 

This reminds me of the Career Development Program of Doc.Pascal FAUCON. Based on the structure of Linkedin, Prof. FAUCON explains the following 7 aspects of Career Development:

  1. How to take a personal photo for professional use ?
  2. How to present yourself?
  3. How to express your professional experience? 
  4. How to review your educational background? 
  5. How to create connections?
  6. How to make a link between your contact and your professional motivation? 
  7. How to write to your contact for professional development purpose? 

All of the 7 aspects seem to be easy to understand, but we do make different kinds of mistakes here.

Prof. FAUCON’s program is just a sample, but his initiative on Career Development and Personal Marketing is avant-garde. Chinese economy has transformed from a Planned Economy to a Free Market, so is the HR reservoir here. How to make people know you and to trust your professional skills, it is about Personal Marketing and Career Development. 

At the age of retirement, if there were jobs coming to you without requiring” 8H per day and 5 days per week”, it would be interesting, isn’t it ? It is always a blessing that our knowledge and experience could be shared and create value for each other.

A reflection about Career Management after a discussion with Mme.WEN of her after-retirement plan.